Aug 1 – Canning

In the category of lessons not yet learned, I must list proper canning techniques. This is some what of a goal for this season so I need to start my research soon. I am guessing that if I Google "Ball canning jars", I will quickly find just what I need..
Done and done:  Ball Blue Book celebrated its 100th publishing anniversary last year and the book – a staple that is recommended for novices as well as seasoned canners alike. And, it will cost less than the multitiude of veggies you can replace by storing summer’s wonderous bounty. Think I will order it… (Have I mentioned by burgeoning cook book collection?!)
Okay, ordered – so easy: confirmation email received while still blogging. So fast, I haven’t even really thought what I will actually preserve!
Some years ago, Donny’s mother, Peg, gave me her canning supplies so I know I have some jars, lids, a deep pot, a thingee for pulling out hot jars and perhaps some other things. I never really knew what to do with all of the items – will have to pull out of storage and make sure all is in order.
Early in my gardening, I did try to can 3 jars of salsa, but was sure I had done it incorrectly and could never eat more than the first jar, which we opened immediately. While the remaining jars on the shelf always looked okay, all I could think of was the Serv Safe certification I had received through work. Food safety is serious business and I have been a little bit of a nut about it ever since.
As I learn more, I will be sure to share the experience – I am picturing diced tomatoes for pasta, icebox pickles for the kids, corn relish for Jackson, and maybe even some pickled okra – if I can find a recipe for this. I will have a ton of basil too so perhaps pesto?
But first, I really must learn how to do this correctly so my efforts and yummies aren’t wasted…

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