Jul 31 – OMG!

How can it be that I need to turn the calendar over to August already?!  Won’t know what sweet gardening motif awaits me on the next page until I return to Cincinnati, but I have to say that I fear it will show stages of harvesting that I am not ready to see. Not that I don’t wish my babies to grow up to the stage of delicious eating…I just can’t bear the thought of the season wrapping up.
Sure, by mid Sept, I will be a little more ready and I will take corn stalks, pumpkins and try to make the best of the dead end, but I really hate to see the sun’s long angle start to slant just that way…
Okay, so I am not living in the moment but lamenting a future not yet here – what to do: hit the floor running on Tuesday and pull every weed, pick the basil with abandon, eat tomotoes straight from the vine (Donny put in a water supply, so it is possible to give them a quick rinse first), throw flowers into every vase – NOW is the time I have been growing for!
Let’s not miss it for fear of its temporary visit!

2 responses to “Jul 31 – OMG!

  1. Don\’t you hate when you look forward to something and it finally gets here???? You just want to savor every minute and then STAY in that moment! I\’m sure everything will be yummy! 🙂

  2. Thanks for visiting – staying in the moment seems to be so top of mind lately and yet so hard to do. Now that I focus on that concept, I realize that is probably why I love to do the active part of gardening – I am always right there; it is almost meditative!

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