July 30 – In My Mall…

Years ago, when first dating Donny, I struck on this odd game: "in my mall there would be…" Malls were more popular then and my work experiences had been mostly retail so I had strong opinions about what stores would be there. Always, there were a few restaurants too… I suppose this was part of my way of telling him what I liked and who I was… Haven’t played it in years since our lives have been less about dreaming about the future and more about molding it.
Still, in the current realm of transition, I decided at least "in my restaurant" may need some resustitation and I even mentioned it to the kids – based on what they like that I cook.
Recently, a new Food Network show got me thinking. Have you seen "24 Hour Restaurant Challenge’? Concept: teams of 2-3 (so far) compete to open a restaurant within 24 hours (assuming not consecutive…but I could be wrong), and operate for one evening – attracting customers and feeding judges. They have to come up with and shop for the concept, name, decor, menu, and ingredients before bringing in and managing a provided staff. Then they prep food for the onslaught – terrifying! (In case I never mentioned it, Donny and I met in the sports bar I spent a year cocktailing, bartending and waiting at… enough food service background to earn my next job and more than enough for a life time… maybe)
Still, it does make me want to write the plan… based on what I know and love about food – often that is also based on what I know and love about vegetable gardening.  Stay tuned…?

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