July 21 – Vacation

In two days, I leave town – and Big Garden – for nearly 10 days. At this time of year, that is HUGE in terms of the change that will occur while I am away.
Whilte there are tomatoes on the vine, I doubt they will yet be red when I return. But, the cucmbers will need to be watched, the snap peas and green beans will ovetake their teepee and the corn will likely be nearly full grown – bouding up 2-3 feet, I am guessing. While it is often dry at this time of year, it will be hot and we can also easily have several storms that drop little to nothing or produce a lot of rain. If it rains, the paths in my garden could easily be overgrown.
I always say I will not over plant, and this year, I do think I held to that.
What I did that I will change in the future – I will not till again. My soil is no where near as hard and clay-like as it once was. Years of planting and composting have left it almost light and airy. If I do a better job of fall clean up, perhaps I will be able to get in here earlier next spring and start a spring crop that can then be mulched sooner – I still have a few beds that did not get this treatment, and may not.
Also, I anticipate starting more plants indoors first – the little seedlings took too long  since planted so late and this gave time for the weeds to fill in. Some plants don’t like to be moved, so those may have to be direct seeded, but with fewer of these, I may be able to keep up.
All in all, when I return – although I have tried to be caught before leaving –  I will have a big job on my hands to restore order and sanity. But,t here will still be nearly two months on garden time to be enjoyed.

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