July 18 – Making progress

Bind root, wild radishes, spurge…Oh, my!
I FOUND my cutting garden today. In it are a row of petite sunflowers, a row of zinnias – stretching above the weeds that once surrounded them, a row of sunflowers that should be taller than the others, two rows of three varieties of cosmos that, if they repeat last year’s performance, will far exceed the 4′ they are said to be. I put them in the back for this reason.
Missing:  Four O’Clocks , I have never gotten these to grow from seed, Bells of Ireland – will miss those, they add great structure to arrangements although one needs to be aware of the hidden thorns (how Irish…plants with a temper), red poppies – the seeds were likely too old, and baby’s breath – its perennial so probably better to not have to figure that out later…
So, any arrangments I pick will be more limited and that is okay. I am not great with indoor plants – I never get around to changing the water, worry about vases with my two boys, and hate the clean up part. I will just enjoy them outside.
But, I do have a little flat celadon green ikibani vase on my desk. It is stamped with my favorite dragonfly motif and holds 2-3 minature flowers in its little frog. The first daffodils go there each spring.
The other day, it contained a rather tattered Purple Cone Flower – my Logan had picked and placed it for me. It was the prettiest dead flower I have ever seen…

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