July 10 – Garden Neglect

Throughout the winter, I wish only for the the gentle, mindless tasks of gardening – watering, weeding, watching.
So, it is with sad reluctance that some of my busiest months are also those when gardening is possible. For the last week or so, I have been actively working on a  volunteer project that I also find rewarding, but takes much time and keeps me away from the garden.
In my absence, I noted from my passing car, the sunflowers are now taller than my children and some weeds, large enough to give nicknames. 
While there is work to be done, there is also the thrill of seeing new peppers, or baby cukes, that I am also missing – as well as taking stock on the deers’ appetites.
On Monday, I will get to visit again but it will take real inspiration to get through all the missed maintenance. Playing catch up is never as easy as the daily task – mostly in the evenings – relaxing, destressing as I pull out the interopers with abandon.

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