Jun 29 – Rain, lovely rain!

I have lusted after a certain rain barrel in Gardener’s Supply’s catalog for two seasons now and yet, I don’t own it.  My frustration was renewed again this evening by my nightly survey of Big Garden. While the weeds may have responded too positively to last night’s rainstorm, so have other plants.
While I have read about the benefits of collecting rain – free, green, contains fewer minerals, blah blah blah… These factoids pale in comparison to the unscientific observations I have gathered for years:  you can hand water that 1" per week that is necessary, and your plants will survive and grow.
All  will seem well until you get a good soaking followed by a decent day of sunshine. Plants will seem to leap out of the ground, and even your pots.
I swear my Yard-long Beans grew up 6" since yesterday, and the Okras, about 4"; the tomatoes that looked a little stunted by a late start now deserve the cages that surround them, and the corn may yet be knee high by the 4th…
So, how do I justify that rain barrel when this happened for free?
These rains don’t last all summer and I have 35 containers I water, mostly daily, besides Big Garden. (Remember, I am a little obsessed and veggies are only a part of it – I need flowers too). Now to convince the hubby to cut a downspout in half…

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