Crop Failure

I have 3 beds that did not produce the seedlings I expected: beats and eggplants, the seeds of which somehow made it into the bag at Kmart when I did my last minute seed shopping. Not sure I really wanted to grow these or how I got the seeds, but once home, I thought we would try a few new things. Not sure what happened since these were fresh seeds. But, I see NO eggplant seedling and very few beats – all clumped together. Not having grown these before, I am not sure if I can move the beats or if I will have time to reseed the eggplants. Guess I will try – live and learn.
On the other hand, I very much did want the fennel but did not have fresh seed, so this falure I understand.  I don’t have more fennel seeds, and I bet I won’t find them in stores any more. So, I need to fill this bed with something else…
I keep my seeds in wooden silverware caddy, divided into herbs, veggies and flowers, then alphabetically – will need to see what else I can drop in and get these beds reseeded tomorrow – believe it or not, it is almost July. Things really start growing fast now and keeping up with the weeding is about all I can do.
Lettuce beds and the cutting garden are in serious need of handpicking or hoeing – it’s always something!

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