Last thing to go in Big Garden is a border of marigolds. I don’t feel done until they go in despite the fact that hoeing, weeding, deadheading, tying up, snipping, and general maintenance will continues until harvest.
It it the marigolds that let me know BG is mostly on its own. Of course, this is not true, but they mark a point of achievement and my favorite tweaking activities can begin.
Still, I don’t love these flowers – I have never used them for the home’s garden beds and I wouldn’t put them in containers either. Yet, they are ridiculously easy to grow from seed and often self-seed if you know what to look for. Of course, they also bloom all season and are historically tied to vegetable beds. They seem common but cheerful and appropriate in my humble potager.
So, why do I really have them at all – tradition: because I always have.  Some lore from my earliest gardening days fills my head that they are good for tomatoes and preventing nematodes – not that I would recognize this supposed pest. Guess they work, then… Think there is supposed to be something about crop rotation and soil replenishment too. So much for a common, easy to grown flower. Did I mention that their smell may also deter bugs – so much truisms to check out!
So, my next "task" is to research a little truth about their benefits… There are a few gardening habits that I have that I don’t know the real origin of. I know I read a limited number of gardening books as a child but I am now questioning what knowledge I have that is real versus superstition.
While I have an ambition to become a Master Gardener, I am completely self-taught: much reading and trial and error. Not a bad combination, but IF I can’t explain the real reason for why I do something, it is time to dig deeper…
Check back for what I discover.

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