Jun 20 – Summertime…

…and the living is easy…
My Father used to sing this to me at bedtime. It was only recently that I discovered it was from ‘Porgy and Bess’ – a musical I have not yet had the chance to see.  Believe it or not, I realized my oldest, Jackson, had a ‘thing’ for musicals when we were at Disney’s Animal Planet and he sat, attention rapt, through both the ‘Lion King’ and ‘Tarzan" reviews – at age four. I soon took him to see "Lion King’ at the Aronoff, and Logan to ‘Cats’ – the costumes disquised the more adult, poetic themes. We have been annual attendees ever since, having just seen ‘Mary Poppins’ andare looking forward to ‘Shrek – The Musical’, next spring.
So, how does this relate to gardening? Good question!
Not sure it really does other than:
  • Big Garden is PLANTED, with the exception of bordering marigolds
  • 3 nights of deer-free existance – thanks to Liguid Fence www.liquidfence.com 
  • Corn seedings are peaking up – not so sure about: fennel, beets, and eggplant…

I am happy and almost ready to take a little break – always wanted to learn to play ‘Summertime’ on the piano… May just have to find a nice version for the iPod…


Here’s to a little "Easy Living"….

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