Why I Love Big Garden (and the rest of the Back Two – acres, that is…)

First, you need to know I did not want this.
Donny and I had been together for 3-4 years (who’s counting now?) and he wanted to find a house with LAND. I was not sure what LAND meant, but I was pretty sure I did not want to be too far from Hyde Park, Downtown, Clifton, Kenwood, etc…
When I went apartment hunting a few years earlier, my perfect local would have been walking distance from Arthurs or Zips… I didn’t find what I wanted (1BR w/ K,LR,B) that I could afford, and I did not want roommates – been there, done that, never again…
So, while I settled into a suitable apartment in Anderson, Donny and I scoured the papers for something to drive by on a Sunday afternoon. We looked at 80+ properties – many required a few beers and my lousy rendition of "Green Areas" – until one Sunday morning in April of 1993…
The drive out to Batavia took longer than I anticipated, the property cost more than Donny expected would be necessary, the house wasn’t as "old" (as in period), as I wanted – remember, I wanted Hyde Park Victorian…
But, there were gorgeous, new Cherry cabinets in a ridiculous kitchen; recently added electicity in a huge barn, the potential of hardwood floors throughout, and 2 acres of nearly private backyard with an expansive deck under a 60+ year old maple tree.
We worked fast and were lucky to do so – two other couples staggered in behind us to make a bid that same afternoon.
I often wonder where they wound up, do they pass by, do they see what we have done, and what would they have done differently. I also wonder about who was here first – I often thought we would check into that more, but we have simply been too busy.  A 70+ year old home and its grounds take a lot of time…
I never dreamed this would be so, but I am content here.
It is an old house, with character lines on its plaster walls; a beautiful newer kitchen that took 18 months to renovate, one bathroom that still needs work, and only two bedrooms – we turned one into my office and the boys (10 and 12) will grow up closer than I ever did, in their shared room. It will only be for a short while longer, and they have no idea that this is a sacrifice – we don’t live in our bedrooms… we sleep there and "live" together everywhere else.
Once established, it was not long until I got the urge to garden – I owe it all to this spot.
It was not always as it is now, but I have evolved into a gardener as the property as evolved into a garden. I can’t imagine ever leaving.

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