Almost There

Well, despite lots of recent rain, Donny and I laid boards across the corn bed in order to be able to get in and sow those seeds. All that is left is to put in the marigolds around the border.
We have had 3+ soaker storms lately and the paths have been quite soggy. I have been able to keep off the raised beds so their soil is still wonderful and the seeds have had lots of moisture so I haven’t had to water excessively. Already, I see where cucumbers, spaghetti squash, canteloup, watermelon, okra, long beans, and beets have sprung up.
Still watching for mesclun, pumpkins, zucchini, peas, eggplants, sunflowers, fennel and my cutting garden – won’t be long in these moist, warm conditions.
Tomatoes and peppers have adjusted nicely to their move too – this is where the real waiting begins!
Despite Donny’ fine tilling (or more accurately, because of it…), I see a fresh batch of weeds coming up too. I really need things to dry out so I can weed and hoe, and finish mulching the beds (I put down a havey layer of grass clippings – but it has even been too wet to cut the lawn…).  I hate to resort to more drastic measures, but preening the paths may become necessary so I don’t have to grab the Round Up later on.
Tonight, I am going to try Liquid Fence for the deer – they have already given the sunflowers a haircut:  not sure how they found them only AFTER I put them in the ground directly – the little volunteers had been sitting in a big pot in the same place for weeks and were left alone…

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