Finally, about on schedule, Donny tilled Big Garden tonight.
As I have posted before, we just can’t seem to get to it any sooner:  weather, kids, sports, and 2 acres of other maintenance have us on this second week of June schedule. It breaks my heart as I see the empty-nester next door (with the 15′ x 30′ bed, no pots, hanging baskets, wall to wall landscaping) has corn knee-high already and my seeds are still on the potting bench…
Not to worry – I will still have all the corn, tomatoes, beans, peppers, lettuce, okra, melons etc., I can eat – it will just be a little later than his. I will sit by the pool waiting.
BWT, Big Garden looks brand new:  all those pristine 4′ x 4′ raised beds awaiting their stars:  heirloom tomatoes, peppers ranging in heat, beets and eggplant to inspire new cooking techniques. I am almost ready to post a photo that won’t embarrass me for my slovenly fall habits…

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