jun 6 – Inch by inch

Okay… Donny and I spent 4 hours (I think – it seemed to go on forever) planting 100+ impatiens plants and coleus seedings. I was glad to have his help – we used to work side-by-side BK (before kids) and it would always remind me of why I dated that long and lean 26-year-old:  good genetics and strong work have kept him within the same frame – as I overlook the gray strands that bother him not… So much for garden romance – we had WORK to get done!

So, we got the little pinkish-purple babies planted:

Dry, shaded soil around the deck wiht a 70+ year old maple stopping all sun and rain (not so bad if you want to sit on the deck while it rains – which I do…) means holes need to be:

  • well dug,
  • fertilized,
  • watered in,
  • mulched,
  • and set up for drip-irritation.

With most of that done, I so close the the finish. But, here is what sidetracks me: local garden show, HOW can they have the grounds ready or should I go and see. AND, how do I get them to see mine – IF, after visting theirs, I see that possibility?


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