May 24 – Some days just break your heart

It was hot and sunny today and I was NOT in my garden. As I alluded to previously, my two athletes keep me from my gardening from time to time. Fortunately, I love sports and their team’s have great families who are evolving into friends, so I don’t mind as much as it sounds like. So, while my writing about BG was meant to keep me inspired in the "off-season", I didn’t clearly define when that season would be – not to you, and certainly not to myself.  It is still the "off-season"… And, since having my boys 12 years ago, this season is longer than it once was. But, as with all things, this too will pass. Someday, I will be alone in my garden and that will have its own poignancy too. While I may have missed a beautiful day for planting, weeding, tending, etc., I had other roses to smell than those I grow. Thankgoodness I can have both!

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