May 21 – Rain Rain Go Away

Here in Cincinnati, I find that there is little Springtime. We get a few beautiful days, then it rains (sometimes in April and more often in May – so much for April showers and May flowers…) and then it turns hot and humid. I have referred to this as our monsoon season before – even went to the tanning bed to relieve SAD and mold….
Well, this year, we got those spring days early so I feel like it should be Summer already.  But, naturally, now we are getting the rain and I am done with it! 
Nature seems to be an equalizer – I have NEVER been able to get Big Garden planted before Memorial Day because the ground is often too wet to till. I really thought I was ahead of the game this year because of the early warm spell.  But between soccer tournaments and  the recent rainy weekends, I am back on that schedule. The good news – for the first time in 20 years, I don’t have a business trip planned for the first week in June so I am less under the gun than before. While I am anxious to get BG planted, I can appreciate the pretty flowers that are in my yard now instead of frantically planting.
Oh, and the forecast for Sunday is amazing – too bad I will be in Dayton. Go Wizards!!!

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