May 16 – Preparing the Beds – Early Season

Three years ago, I decided to forego the veggies in favour of "Solarizing" my beds to rid them of seeds. See, I had brought home a weed in some plants purchased at a nursery near where I worked. I swear this was the source as I never saw this species when I first started out and I remember plucking weeds from the little pots from this supplier.
Tip: when purchasing from a nursery that grows their own plants, inspect the pots for weed seedlings and avoid those. In fact, I would check out the grounds of such a nursery and then make a decision about using their plants at all. I hate to be so unforgiving, but this particular week is horrible: it shoots up quickly in the early spring and has little white flowers. At this stage, it is very easy to pull – just don’t let it get ahead of you; when it starts to go to seed (very early, also,) it gets harder to pull and when touched, the seeds POP off everywhere. YIKES!
So, about 4 weeks ago, we mowed the weeds in the Big Garden to prevent this weed from going to seed and pulled where we could not mow. Still, it will be back but maybe we prevented it from spreading – this year. I wish I could rid the area of this pest completely, but my solarizing attempt did not help. I failed that process (and I know why so I will blog about it at a later time), but I am not sure I can go through it again – I missed the garden too much to put it out of commission that long again…

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