May 7 – Oh, Deer!

Okay, I have spent most of the last 17 years without a problem, so if I sound grouchy now, realize, I have been fortunate until last summer. We live outside Cincinnati in area we thought was the COUNTRY once upon a time (mostly me, I sang Green Acres to Donny while househunting…). Despite the existence of deer all around us – at first, charming to see cross the yard, especially when the boys were little, we were left alone. There was and for the most part, still is, a LOT of cover and vegetation around for them, and I don’t think the population is huge. We only see 3-5 in the same trail ways, for the most part. But, last summer, they developed a taste for Okra plants (pre-bloom, never saw more than 10 pods despite 8 plants) and Heirloom Tomatoes. I came out one Saturday to harvest what I expected would be 30+ yummy, red globes only to find the plants stripped. I honestly suspected thieves, at first – so complete was their feast – no seeds were even left!
So, what to do? My two little boys tried to mark the territory for me but Big Garden is 35 x 45, roughly… Despite drinking lots of water, I just don’t think they have it in them to keep up. I tried tying up Irish Spring but found their tracks right nest to the soap – now, I either have germaphobic grazers or a nice place to wash my own hands after weeding.
Next on the list – I have read they don’t like the smell of onions etc – I am dividing the center herb garden of its 12 Chive plants in an attempt to create a mixed border on the 3 remaining (a perennial border runs across the "face" of  BG) open sides. I will mix this with my usual Marigolds and report back. Wish me luck – I really don’t want to have to learn archery…

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