May 1 – May Day Mayday…

The Weather Channel has been active this weekend…15+ inches of rain in parts of Tenn? WHOA! I was up early weeding on Saturday until the lightning made me retreat. I have LOVED storms since about 8 years old – I still go outside before a storm to gather the energy and swear I will be a Storm Chaser when I grow up. TWC is probably the reason we first got cable TV (truly, Donny and I wanted to be able to check the Snow Report, but our obsession has expanded). Hate to lose a whole weekend to rain but I did get to weed my chives bed – a little – and plant a hanging container with Million Bells, Sweet Potato Vine, Lobelia, and some type of pot daisy to replace the pansies I forgot to care for. Better improve my methods… I still prefer the beds that Mother Nature waters to the high maintenance containers… Probably why I don’t have indoor plants anymore…

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