Apr 30 – Where has spring gone – already

Not that I am complaining, but how is it May already? THIS is the the month I wait for – warm enough to wear my ancient overalls (with the holes that need strategic undergarments) and my clogs and really DIG IN! What an odd year – by now, I should have most of my 30+ pots filled and just be getting around to weeding the Perennial Bed that borders the front of Big Garden. Instead, because of odd weather habits, BG’s border is nearly weed free and blooming with the irises I moved from various spots 16 years ago. All the other plants are popping and filling in for the best show ever: chives, daylilies, peonies, lambs ears, trumpet vine, coreopsis, black eyed susans, purple cone flowers, bee balm, holly hocks, campanula are all getting ready. But, the hanging baskets for deck and pool, pots for both and the front steps, window boxes etc are still bare. What a reversal. Not two years in the garden are ever the same – but, why should they be and who would want them to be?

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