Apr 22 Love/Hate Relationships…

About 12 years ago, Donny built me two "trellices" to flank an old wrought iron gate I had purchased at a flea market. It and they stand as the formal entrance to Big Garden with a little 3’x3′ brick entry way. At one time, my ambition was to pave all the paths in the same herringbone path – figured I would do one path a year without killing myself and sometime before death, it might be finished. Two kids and sports have postponed that plan…
Nonetheless, I did plant Trumpet Vines to climb up the trellices to form an arch over the gate.  I had found the design for these trellices in either Garden Gate or Kitchen Gardener magazine and they were easy for Donny to build one cold February weekend.
So, why the love/hate relationship?
Trumpet Vines accomplished exactly the look I wanted and I can easily control the new sprouts on the vine so that I get the arch I wanted. BUT, I know now why they can be seen growing into trees along the side of the road – they spread their domain through underground roots and then send up new plants all over Big Garden. Now, I have to hack these out all season long. And, the original plants are as thick as established Wisteria – love that plant too but one must know where to grow it as it is strong. I am just waiting for the Trumpet Vines to tear down Donny’s trellices.

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