Apr 19 – Hardening Off

Crazy to believe I am writing about this so early in April. I am sure I have never done this so early in the year – makes one wonder about global warming…But, I am already hardening off my nasturtiums.
So, what is "hardening off" and why would one do it, let alone wonder about the timing – no puns intended, of course.
This is the step needed for all little seedlings to acclimate themselves to the big, bad world of the outside garden. This is how to do it:
One to two weeks before planting outside, bring the little plant babies outside to visit – first, in the shade, and then in increasing daylight – over the period of 1 – 2 weeks depending on temperature and wind/rain conditions.  Once the seedlings have seen enough, planting them on a cloudy day is best – more about that step to come…

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