Apr 18 – Finding some time – a guilty secret?

I hate to admit I was not too unhappy that Logan’s pursuit of yet another soccer trophy was cut a little short at the tournament this weekend… Do I feel guilty? Not really. We have no more room on the shelf for trophies, and I really wanted to spend some time in my garden.
Every few years, the best laid plans of starting all plants from seed gets sidetracked. This is one of those years – I am too late to start tomatos and peppers, and I just can’t wait any longer for a few herbs…
So, the local store was having a one day only BOGO event on some organic herbs/veggies. 14 pots – several with three seedlings in then – all for $20 and change. (I have not usually been a cost-conscious gardener, but the recent economy has changed my perspective.) I have grown from seed because I want veggies/flowers I can’t buy locally and I DO still feel that way, but a bargain when plans fall short is not to shabby either.
So, now 2 tomatoes and 4 peppers have been potted up until Big Garden’s raised beds are cultivated. I also started a kitchen herb pot to keep by the back door:  practically every gardening book I have read about vegetable gardening has recommended that the Kitchen Garden by close to the kitchen.
In truth, Big Garden’s location was already dictated (and started) by the yard’s arrangement before I was smart enough to study those books. I grow a lot of herbs way out at Big Garden, but I have basil, rosemary, flat-leaf parsley and sage by the door for insurance (and earlier consumption).

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