Apr 14 – Away Too Long

I just got back from a business trip to Orlando where the flora was so different and so much further along than my Zone 6 Ohio garden. Little did I realize, with the uncharacteristically warm weather we had been enjoying before I left town, how much I could miss in only 5 days. Upon return this past Monday, I found the third wave of daffodils in full regalia (with the first wave already going to seed):  in this batch, I have the smaller, multiple bloom per stem and extremely fragrant varieties that differ from the earlier, more traditional trumpets. Now, I am enjoying the fancier doubles with striations and bolder color variations. Unfortunately, this is the swan song of the ‘dils and already, the flowering plums, redbuds, and lilacs are out too – while I hate to say goodbye to the daffodils, more good things are coming too – 5 asparagus spears have popped up and I will be able to make a rhubarb pie for my father’s visit in 2 weeks. Let the true gardening commence!

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