Mar 28 – Nasturtiums

Seeds finally met dirt here – I am late but that will be okay. I started a flat of nasturtiums yesterday. I have these APS Starter Trays from Gardener’s Supply Company that really made starting seeds almost a no brainer. How it works: a black plastic trays functions as a reservoir for water into which a styrofoam pillar tray sits to hold the second styrofoam seedling pot tray above the reservoir. A wicking mat dips down into the water and lays between the two styrofoam parts – this keeps the soil moist as long as there is water. I add a water indicator to the set up so I know when to refill – usually no more than once a week. Add the clear top while the seeds are germinating. Over time, I have added heats mats under each which keeps the aire warm aroung the system and the warmed water that wicks up heats the soil to a nice temperature. In 6 weeks, I should have nasturtiums nearly ready to bloom. They are slated to go both in Big Garden (to remind me of Peter Rabbit…) and along the fenceline of the pool – next to the five ceramic fish that spout water in perfect arcs into the pool. 

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