Mar 17 – Chamois

Last fall, the boys and I added about 30 bulbs of daffodil named, Narcissus, ‘Trepolo’ – a white petalled cultivar wtih swirling inner petals featuring a center stripe of golden orange. We selected these to be different from the many existing varieties  in honor of our beloved, deceased, cat, Chamois.  The boys wanted to have a place to remember her since she was not buried here. The daffodil plot seemed the place – based on a sweet picture of her as a kitten: poking her nose into a bouquet I had cut.
We have been out looking at the plot to see if they are coming up – think so as there are sprouts of single leaf groups compared to the thicker plants that suggest those have multiplied with the years. I am really hoping they will come up as we did something very unconventional with them – we purchased them right after she was put to sleep, sadly, on Logan’s birthday. But, we were too sad to plant them that fall so put them in the veggie drawer of the basement refridgerator (something that is said to work in areas that don’t have a cool enough winter) in hopes of preserving them. Wish us luck on their success!

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