Mar 15 – Waiting

I have not had a lot to say the last couple days – just waiting. Not a bad thing since it means I am content to do so… The air is warming, forsythia was lightly trimmed to bring inside to bloom, clematis cut back, and helebores checked for a bloom to bring in – none. I remember getting ONE in early Feb but not so lately – that must have been a warmer winter. Still, the daffs are 6" up and I know it it only 1-2 weeks before I can start cutting. I have planted 1000+ bulbs in what we fondly call the "Way Back" – an area that is in the last 1/5 of our 2 acres. Under a copse of unidentified, light shade trees and cedars, I have been naturalizing Daffodils for 10+ years – early, middle and late blooming bulbs of many varieties have been dug in, sometime in the last many Novembers. Soon, I will cut with abandon for at least 6 weeks, a wide variety of golden yellow and white and safron colored gems, that remind me that all is well in the world. Enjoy!!!

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