Mar 9 – Worms

It has been warm the last few days – 60s and no coat this afternoon. At this time of year, this kind of warm weather sometimes leads to storms and occasionally, tornadoes. Will be watching the forecasts closely – and not for snow for a change! We are expecting some rain in the next few days and while the ground does not really need it if I am to get into Big Garden, I know that the rain will bring some of the smells of the spring that can’t be too far around the corner. One of the smells I don’t care for, I have associated, since childhood, with the worms that exit the sodden soil.  While I hate to step around them on the pavement, I have had to learn that this siting is actually a sign of my soil’s health.  Worms are the aerators of the world – guietly turning soil and organic materials over. I should bless them and will try to remember that as I hold my nose!

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