Mar 7 – Garden Walkabout

Sunny and in the low 50s today so I got the chance to cut back the clematises (only those that bloom on new wood – you need to know this to know when to prune) as well as the Endless Summer Hydrangeas – didn’t cut back those I was unsure about:  don’t want to cut back the old wood if that is where this year’s blooms are going to come from.  Then, I got to look around the garden and boy, is it a mess! Three little purple crocuses have made a brave appearance and the tips of a 1000 daffodils are peaking up through the grass in the back. Other than that – I have a lot of work to do to restore the place.  I’ve always heard that you should start small when beginning gardening, and although I was ambitious, I did follow this for the most part. The problem is that I have expanded and every spring it does look daunting until I get to spend two full weekend days cleaning up. Then, I’ll be able to see the vision again…

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