Mar 5 – Garden Clean Up

As I’ve alluded to previously, I am not a good fall gardener. I will cut down the cornstalks to make a Halloween arrangement, and if really inspired, pull up the pumpkin vines when I harvest them. But, it is all I can do to dump the 20 – 30 containers I have around the deck and pool, that I just never get to cleaning the cutting garden and vegetable areas. With my two boys playing multiple sports, I don’t have the time to devote to gardening I once did, but, I still do what I can. This weekend, we are expecting 50 degree weather and sunshine, so it is time to get started. Now, keep in mind, that if the ground is wet, you shouldn’t walk on the areas where you will grow things or you risk smashing the soil structure – I will have to tread carefully but will see what I can do to pull out old vines and stalks – I just throw them in the compost heap as long as the plants last year had shown no signs of disease. (Those plants should have hit the bonfire some time ago…) Someday, I will pull out the compost and apply this black gold to my beds – this may even be that year! Hope springs eternal!

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