Mar 3 – Garden Shows

I always feel that if I just make it to the first weekend in March, spring can’t be far behind. Year after year, Donny and I go to the Home and Garden Show. Many years we have been researching vendors or supplies for home improvement projects. But, recently, we have been mostly done with those projects. I NEED to go to see the flowers and to smell the daffodils and tulips. While the displays are often beautiful, it is often frustrating to see plants blooming next to each other when they would never be able to do so in nature. In my early gardening days, I did not understand this and sometimes fell prey to lesser catalogs that showed designs with plants blooming in a similar fashion. Until I learned the habits of plants I could grow in their proper location etc, I was often discouraged by my gardens. This kind of knowledge takes time and study but is rewarding when you know what is possible and work within that framework.

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