Mar 2 – Seed Starting Systems

I have tried  several set ups for starting seeds: little plastic trays, soil pods that expand in water, biodegradeable peat pots, and I have considered several more that look tantalizing in catalogs: soil block form makers, tools to wrap up paper pots from recycled newspaper etc. All these have benefits of being inexpensive, easy, convenient or green. What I have tried and used for a number of years is a system that involves a bottom tray that holds water (I get busy, sometimes travel for business and can’t be sure to check the moisture EVERY day), a wicking mat that moves water up to the soil, an elevation tray that holds the potting tray above the water well, a potting tray with open bottoms so that the wicking mat can keep the soil properly moist, and a dome for moisture retention when the seedlings are still germinating. Along with the shelving, heat mats, and lights, this system has consistently provided plants for many years. Using this system, I have grown tomato plants that top 6′ with 100+ tomatoes as well as many other varieties. Visit to see their APS seed starting systems.

2 responses to “Mar 2 – Seed Starting Systems

  1. Looks nice – should be very helpful to folks who want to start plants indoors & be ready for spring.

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